What Are Packaged Hvac Units And What Are Their Advantages?

What are packaged HVAC systems? Packaged HVAC units are nothing but all-in-one heating and cooling systems, with all the components housed in one cabinet. The best thing about HVAC units is that they provide comfort throughout the year and there are numerous benefits associated with packaged HVAC units. When you are looking for packaged HVAC units you must be aware of the fact that packaged units come in large variety to suit your requirement. For example, there are some which use electricity to power a heat pump while there are others which combine heat pumps with high efficiency furnaces. The levels of cooling and heating offered by these packaged HVAC units also vary and so it is better that you take help from a HVAC professional so that you can have the best HVAC unit for your home as per your requirement and budget.

Generally, packaged units are installed in crawlspaces, on the ground outside the home, or on the rooftop. There are different types of packaged units available from which you can choose the one that suits your requirement. The most common types of packaged HVAC units comprise packaged heat pumps, packaged gas-electric units or packaged air conditioners.

The packaged heat pumps use the heat pump technology to both heat and cool homes. During the summer months, heat from inside the house is extracted and dissipated to the outside air while during the winter months heat from the outside air is pumped into the cold indoors.

The packaged gas electric units use electricity to provide air conditioning during the summer months and they offer natural gas heating during the cooler months.

On the other hand packaged air conditioners offer effective cooling during the summer months. At the same time, they can also provide heating during the winter season.

Now let us have a look at some of the many benefits offered by packaged HVAC units.

• The most obvious benefit of packaged HVAC units is that you are able to get heating and cooling from a single unit.

• Packaged units are known for their space saving capacity. As both the heating and the cooling units are housed in one cabinet, you need not use separate space for the heater and the air conditioner. In fact, packaged HVAC units can be great option if you are thinking of remodeling your home or building a new one.

• Packaged HVAC units have higher levels of efficiency than the regular HVAC models. Hence, they are more efficient it is obvious that these units will be able to lower your utility bills.

• Packaged HVAC units are also known for their easy installation. As installing these kind of units are easier it is cheaper to install these units as well.

When it comes to maintenance of packaged HVAC units, it can be said it is pretty streamlined. This is because you have all the heating and the cooling components housed in one cabinet which means that by opening one cabinet the HVAC professional gets to check all the components.

Last but not the least, a packaged HVAC unit is known for its reliability and versatility along with its ability to heat and cool a larger space.




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