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Sanyo CM3172+(4)XMS0972 Ceiling Recessed Quad Zone Air Conditioner - 30,600 BTU - 2 1/2 Ton

Sanyo Mini Split Systems

Sanyo CM3172+(4)XMS0972 Ceiling Recessed Quad Zone Air Conditioner is efficient and affordable solution to solve cooling needs in your apartament. Featuring Cooling Capacity of 30,600 BTU and highest manufacturing quality Sanyo Quad Zone Cooling Only System is the best choice to make even the hottest summer day fresh and comfortable. Sanyo AC Units are made in Japan using R410A Environment Friendly Refrigerant thet leads to increased efficiencies, low energy consumption and a very comfortable environment.

Sanyo CM3172+(4)XMS0972 features inverter-driven compressor, so when the Sanyo CM2472 Outdoor unit detect changes in temperature otside and automatically changes compressor speed setting unlike conventional units, that work another way, because they start and stop repetitively. Special components inside the compressor increase the flux and reduce its weight and allow the compressor to work with higher energy efficiencies with better performance than before also at low levels of noise during start-up and running.

Sanyo CM3172+(4)XMS0972 Ceiling Recessed Quad Zone Air Conditioner Quick Highlights:
  • Sanyo Microprocessor-Controlled Operation. Microprocessor control ensures that the temperature and humidity levels in the room are always comfortable.
  • Sanyo Dry Mode. By coupling compressor and fan operation, intermittent operation can be precisely controlled according to room temperature, so that air is efficiently dehumidified.
  • Sanyo Air Sweep Control. The air sweep function moves the louver up and down in the air outlet, directing air in a "sweeping" motion around the room and providing comfort in every corner.
  • Sanyo Negative Ions Generator. The negative ions generator fills your room with negative ions throughout the year. *Ion generating power - over 100,000 parts/cc.
  • Sanyo CM3172+(4)XMS0972 Ceiling Recessed Quad Zone Air Conditioner Benefits:
    • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) 16.5.
    • High Efficiency.
    • Affordable Price.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Inverter Driven Compressor.
    • R410a Environment Friendly Refrigerant.
    • System is designed to run longer periods at reduced speeds to improve dehumidification.
    • Quick and easy installation units.
    • Automatic Restart in the Advent of a Power Failure.
    • Single Point Power Supply reduces installation costs.
    • Brand New Factory Tested Units.
    Sanyo CM3172+(4)XMS0972 Air Conditioner System include:
  • Sanyo CM3172 - Outdoor Unit.
  • First Sanyo XMS0972 - Indoor Unit with Wireless remote.
  • Second Sanyo XMS0972 - Indoor Unit with Wireless remote.
  • Third Sanyo XMS0972 - Indoor Unit with Wireless remote.
  • Fourth Sanyo XMS0972 - Indoor Unit with Wireless remote.
  • Sanyo Installation manual (Available Online).
  • Sanyo Quad Zone Air Conditioner Warranty:
  • 5 years parts / 7 years compressor
  • e-ComfortUSA Note:

    To complete Sanyo CM3172+(4)XMS0972 Air Conditioner System consider to add following accessories that are required to complete the system:

  • Connecting Wire - provides power from an Outdoor unit to the indoor Units.
  • Drain Tubing - a tube that drains condensate from the indoor unit to the drain system or outside.
  • Line Set - efficiently double insulated tubing that transfers refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units.
  • Disconnect Box + Electrical Whip Kit - provides power for an Outdoor Unit.
  • Diversitech E-Lite Condenser Plastic Pad (optional) - designed as a mounting base for an outdoor units.
  • Wall Bracket (optional) - in case you need to mount an outdoor unit on the wall.
  • By adding required accessories to Sanyo CM3172+(4)XMS0972 Air Conditioner System you are receiving complete cooling solutioncompletely ready for installation. So your contractor does not need to purchase required Sanyo Accessories to finish the installation. Please note that indoor units receive power directly from an Outdoor Unit.

    Product Specifications

    Weight:315.40 lb.
    Sanyo CM3172 + (4)XMS0972 AC System Specifications:
    Outdoor Unit Specifications - Sanyo CM3172:
    Capacity:9,800 - 30,600 BTU
    Sensible Capacity:25,800 BTU
    Latent Capacity:4,800 BTU
    SEER (Cooling):17.6
    Max Amps:17 A
    Power Inputs:2,800 W
    Max Inputs:4,000 W
    Outdoor Sound Rating (dB-A):53
    Power:230, 1PH, 60Hz
    Circuit Ampacity:17
    Fuse Size, Max.:20 A
    Compressor:DC Twin Rotary
    No. used:1
    R.L. Amps - L.R. (A):11.3 - 13
    Outdoor Unit Fan Type:Propeller
    Dia. (in.) - No. Speeds:D18-1/8 - 1
    Type Drive - No. Speeds:DC Motor
    No. Poles (RPM):8 - 800
    No. Motors (W):90 - 1
    CFM (High):1942
    F.L. Amps (A):0.55
    Coil Type:Aluminum Fin & Copper Pipe
    Fin Type - Pipe Type:Corrugated Plate - Inner Riffeled
    Rows - F.P.I.:2 - 18.1
    Face Area:7.75 sq.ft.
    Tube Size:3/8"
    Weight:Crated: 183 lbs.,Uncrated: 174.2 lbs.
    Line Size (in O.D. Discharge):1/4" x 4 (Flare)
    Line Size (in O.D. Discharge):3/8" x 3 + 1/2" x 1 (Flare)
    Shipping Volume:15.18 cu.ft.
    Indoor Unit Specifications - Sanyo XMS0972:
    Capacity:9,000 BTU/h
    Moisture Removal:3.4 Pints/h
    Circuit Ampacity:15 A
    Fuse Size, Max:20 A
    Running Amps:.11 A
    Fin Type - Pipe Type:Slit Plate - Inner Rifled
    Rows - F.P.I.:2 - 18.1
    Face Area (sq.ft.):2.94
    Tube Size (in.):9/32"
    Drain Connection Size (in.):23/32"
    Power Input:35 W
    Fan Type:Turbo
    Dia. & Length (in.) - No. Speeds:D12-5/8" L5-3/4" - 1
    No. Speeds:3 & Auto
    No. Poles (RPM, High):8 - 440
    No. Motors (W):50 - 1
    CFM (HI):235
    Operation Sound (HI/Med/Lo):33/32/31
    Coil Type:Aluminum Plate Fin & Copper Tube
    Refrigerant :R410A
    Line Size (in. O.D. Discharge):1/4" Flare
    Line Size (in. O.D Suction):3/8" Flare
    Uncrated Indoor Unit Dimensions, H x W x D:12-5/16" x 24-19/32" x 24-19/32"
    Crated Indoor Unit Dimensions, H x W x D:11-13/32" x 24-13/16" x 28-1/8"
    Weight:35.3 lbs. Net, 41.9 lbs. Shipping
    Shipping Volume:4.59 cu.ft.

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    Currently no manuals available for this product. Please check product description or call our sales support team if you have any further queries.

    Currently no specifications available for this product. Please check product description or call our sales support team if you have any further queries.

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