Hybrid Heat Pump

Hybrid heat pump or dual heat pump involves the combination of fossil fuel combustion heating system such as gas, oil, propane furnace along with an electric heat pump. The advantage of hybrid heating pump is that the technology for each of the fuel works efficiently during different seasons thereby increasing the efficiency of the pump and also lowers the utility bills. At the same time, hybrid heat pumps are more comfortable.

In a hybrid heat pump a furnace is used along with an electric heat pump for heating. These heat pumps heat or cool your homes efficiently throughout the year. In fact, heat pumps are the most effective forms of heating even during the coldest of climates. When it feels cold inside even then there is some heat in the air which the heat pump extracts and pumps into your homes and when the temperature falls below an economic balance point it becomes more efficient to heat with gas, oil, or propane and this is when your system switches to furnace. It is important to note here that without fossil fuel heat source, the heat pump would be using a costly electrical heat resistance to provide the same amount of heating and it would prove expensive for the homeowner.

Some of the reasons as to why hybrid heat pumps are preferred over others are mentioned below.

Hybrid heat pumps are more efficient than the other forms of heat pumps. They have the ability to use a high ability heat pump (which offers both heating and cooling) and also as a high efficiency furnace which is used to provide heat during extremely cold winters. A hybrid heat pump also offers homeowners with an energy choice. For example, when the energy price fluctuates the transition point can be adjusted upwards or downwards as per requirement. Another benefit of hybrid heat pumps is that even if the compressor experiences some problem even then the home can be heated with the propane furnace.

The energy consumption and costs are lesser in case of hybrid heat pumps and also the payback with regard to such pumps are greater when compared to other ordinary heat pumps. Thus, there are numerous reasons as to why one should switch from an ordinary heat pump to a hybrid heat pump.

In conclusion it can be said that hybrid heat pump has the best of both worlds. During mild to chilly weather homes are offered with warm and mellowed temperatures while when the temperature is freezing outside the heat pump switches to furnace. The best thing about hybrid heat pump is that each heating system is used when it is most economical and comfortable.

Last but not the least, before making a financial decision make a comparative study between heat pumps, furnaces and hybrid heat pumps so that you can find out the energy savings from each of these systems in a year. At the same time, you should also check the average temperature of your region to take the final decision. In fact, a hybrid heat pump is a great choice if you have an access to gas line and can rely on the heat pump as and when required.



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