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Proper air conditioning in a business is important irrespective of the region where you are having your business. However, air conditioning becomes more important for regions which have longer duration of summer and are humidity prone. The best part about air conditioners is that it not only cools down buildings, but absorbs moisture during the evaporation phase thereby lowering humidity and providing a pleasant environment for the employees, customers, and the clients. Here it must be noted that commercial air conditioners require special considerations for installation, maintenance and repair as they are quite different from residential air conditioners. It must be kept in mind that for business comfort it is important to install commercial air conditioners from reputed brands.

Now let us have a look at some of the differences that exist between residential and commercial air conditioners. First of all the power required to cool a commercial space is a lot higher than the power needed to cool a residential home. In a commercial setup the number of people are more than the number of people in a home and so the heat dissipated from human bodies is larger in a commercial space. Hence, an air conditioner which is big enough to absorb all the heat given out by human body should be installed in a commercial space. To determine the size of a commercial air conditioner special technical expertise is required so that the unit can provide adequate cooling without creating power shortage or any kind of short cycling.

As far as the location of residential and commercial air conditioners are concerned, they are different from one another. In case of residential units, the location is on the ground near the house while in case of commercial units the location is mostly on the roof of the buildings. One of the major reasons for this is that commercial units are larger than the residential units and the roof gives them ample space. Also when the technicians has to work on these units, they can do so without interfering the daily business.

The residential systems are split which means the blower, the condensate drainage and the evaporator are inside the house while the compressor, the condenser and the condenser resides outside the house. On the contrary, the commercial units are packaged ones. They come in a single cabinet. Only the ducts and the zone dampers are inside the house while the remaining parts of the system are outside.

In terms of complexity as well, the commercial air conditioners are more complex compared to their residential counterparts. One of the main reasons for this is commercial units have to cool a larger space and has to remove larger amounts of humidity. It is seen that commercial systems have a more detailed drainage system in comparison to the residential units.

Last but not the least, installing a commercial air conditioner is costlier than installing a residential unit. This is because commercial systems come at a higher price as they are more advanced then the residential units. Thus, when one has to install a commercial air conditioner it is necessary to get in touch with a skilled HVAC technician.



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