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Blog Title: What to do when air conditioner heater does not work?
When I put my air conditioner on heat, the outside unit does not turn on. The unit turns on when I turn on the fan. Everything except heat is working. Do I need to give it few days before it starts working?
Category: Wall Air Conditioner With Heat Post By: MARIE MITCHELL (Chappells, CA), 12/21/2013

This depends on weather the system is Heat Pump or not. If the system does not come on when turned into heat mode, and if it is a heat pump, you may have problems with the wiring. One can not be completely sure about whats wrong with the system and hence you will definitely need a hvac contractor to have a look at it. But this might give you an idea regarding what might be wrong.

- REBECCA WRIGHT (Star, KS), 01/06/2014
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