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Blog Title: Should I buy a high efficiency filter?
Should I buy a high efficiency filter? I mean would it really matter?
Category: Ductless Heat & Air Post By: GEORGE MOORE (Terre Hill, CA), 12/03/2013

Buying filter depends on what sort of air conditioner you have. A lot of the air conditioner units have a specific type of filter that is suppose to be used. By buying a high efficiency filter, you might end up creating a restriction for air flow for the unit, which will eventually damage the system. To find out what air filter you need, just take the model number to your local hardware store and they might be able to tell you. You can also call a hvac professional ask a quick questions. Also, you can refer to the manual you got with the ac, or call the manufacturer, or even browse online. It would be easy to find out what air filter is right for your system, compared to fixing you system due to damage from a high efficiency filter.

- KIMBERLY HARRIS (Maramec, IL), 12/12/2013
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